About Ellen Kvam

I grew up on an island in the north of Norway. My home town, TromsØ, is famous for its long dark winters lit up by the magical Northern Lights. The summers are short and vibrant. When you live in  the Arctic Circle, you experience things very intensely. Colors become very important to you.

Today, I’ve found that this colorful line of hand-crafted jewelry has touched a chord in women throughout Scandinavia and beyond. Women everywhere tell me they feel cheered by seeing their favorite colors placed in a fresh and modern style. They like being able to change their look in subtle ways. Having this little splash of color is refreshing.

My jewelry business has since moved to sunny California. But every time I create a new line of colors, I’m still reminded of Norway’s bright blue waters, the deep orange of freshly caught lox, and the bright red wooden houses sitting tiny at the base of the green and silver fjords.

Whatever corner of the world you’re in, color brings joy and a sense of magic. In every collection, my designs are intentionally simple, elegant. I want to allow the woman to emerge from beneath the piece, not be overwhelmed by it. I know that when you wear something you love,  it’s more powerful than the most popular
fad. When it’s truly yours, it’s timeless.